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Leading Manufacturers & Wholesale Exporters of Pipe Bands Uniforms accessories & requirements, Musical Instruments & accessories, Hand or Machine embroidered & Metal Badges, Skean dhu or Sgain dubhs & Dirks, Scottish or Highlanders Bagpipes, Toy Bagpipes, Carrying Cases, Bags & Covers, Pipe & Practice Chanters, Reeds, Buckles, Cords, Knots, Bugles & Trumpets, Flutes, Waist & Cross Belts, Caps & Hats, Glengarries & Balmorals, Khaki Canadian Hats, Kitchener Pith Helmets, Feather Hackles, Legal Attires, Spats, Sporrans, Tartan kilts & Plaids, Doublets, Tunics & Jackets, Inverness Cape, Graduation Gowns and Velvet Tams, Mortarboard, Honor/Honour Stoles, Academic Dress, Robes, Academic Regalia, Reenactment Attire, Memorabilia, Drum Major Maces, Pace Sticks, Sashes, Gauntlets, Bars Staffs, Clubs Staffs, Cafe/Hotels Staffs Apparels, Scottish, Irish and Masonic Jewlery, Harps, Ouds, Percussions, Talking Drums, Congas, Bongos, Vellum Drum Heads, Ethnic & Educational Instruments, Medical/Surgical Equipments and many more products.

We are also World's Famous Hand Embroider of Bullion Wire & Silk Threads, Computerized Embroidery, Woven Labels, Military Accoutrements, and Uniform Accessories as Cap Badges, Family Crests, Pockets & Family Coat of Arms, Epaulettes, Wings, Flags & Banners, Pennants, Insignia Ranks, Emblems, Peaks, Ribbons, Braids, Collar Insignias, Metal Badges, Buttons for Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Fire Department, Colleges, Schools, Scouts, Universities, Hospitals, Clubs, Scottish Societies, Clan Societies, and Associations etc.

A vast experience in the  art Pipe bands uniforms, Hand embroidery and Musical Instruments. We can take any design and turn it into a beautiful piece of your imaginations, hand crafted by sufficient highly skilled manpower.

What Sets Kowil Group of Industries Apart?

  • basic aim is to serve the people
  • committed to complete customer satisfaction
  • making the quality you deserves
  • products are checked by our experts before being shipped
  • premium quality products at competitive prices
  • with prompt services and on time deliveries anywhere in the world

We not only have the experience to get the job done, we have the drive and stamina that makes us want to succeed. Our motto is a simple one, if you are not happy than we are not happy. Our business is built on our clients dependability of our abilites which we strive to improve continuously.

We enjoy making new friends through business and hope that we can be of service. Our team likes what we do and we all work hard at getting it right for our customers - Try us!


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BPRW-01 Offordable Bagpipes

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STKM-07 Drum Majors Practice Maces
KiLT-26 Black Watch Tartans Budget Kilts 10 Stars
APRJ-10 Scottish Cutaway SD Jackets CAPE-03 Rain Capes with Logo
APSH-03 Jacobean Shirts, White 10 Stars
BLTW-06 White PVC Kilts Waist Belts FTWF-02 Red Flashes, One Fold
.. 8 Stars.
Merry Christmas / Xmas BPRW-01 Black Rosewood Bagpipes
A Jolly New Year's Wishes 7 Stars
pipeband's santa in tartanmerry christmas / xmas..
DRMK-03 Marching Side Drums
10 Stars
HDGS-05 Pipers Glengarry
10 Stars
CKBP-01 Solid Color Silk Pipe Cords
10 Stars
CRSW-04 Sword Knots
5 Stars
FTWS-01 Affordable Ghillie Brogues
10 Stars
.. FWHT-02 Red Black Dice Hosetops
Feature Items
10 Stars
CHAN-08 Practice Chanters HDGP-07 Cocktails Feather Hackles
Stocks Clearence 10-40% OFF
7 Stars
STGH-03 Strings Harps SPSS-02 Grey Seal Skins Sporrans
10-30% OFF
10 Stars
BPRW-01 Black Velveteen Pipes SPLG-01 Horse Hair Sporrans
Over Stock 40% OFF
8 Stars
.. SPSD-07 Hunting Sporrans
.. 7 Stars
... FLUT-02 Rosewood Irish Flutes
3 Stars
CHAN-08 Practice Chanters
5 Stars
MSCC-01 Pipers Backpack
10 Stars
HDGA-05 Forage Cap, Kepi
10 Stars
BKLC-07 Thistle/Irish Buckles
7 Stars
BLTS-06 White Baldrich Swords Belts
3 Stars
Uniforms Kits Packages Deals
BPBC-11 Logo Embroidered Bagcovers
Prince Charlie Kits Package 7 Stars
Argyll/Argyle Kit Deal FLGB-03 Bagpipes Banners
Pipers Kit 8 Stars
Boy Drum Major Deals WHIS-02 Cross Belts Whistle Set
Stewart Hunting Kids Kits 10 Stars
Argyle and MacKenzie Kit .. KiLT-91 Ladies Billie Kilts
Argyle and Gordon Kits Deal .. 10 Stars
.. .. APSH-08 Saltire T-Shirts
.. .. 7 Stars
.. .. MSOT-12 Skean Dubhs
.. .. 10 Stars
.. .. ..
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