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Family Crests
Hand Embroidered Crests with Silver, Gold or Silk Threads ... send us your samples of sketches to get them embroidered

Hand Embroidered Logos
dress-up your jackets, coats and shirts with high quality bullion Emblems, measures approx. 3 inches in diameter, enquire with your colors and designs

Chief Warrant Officer Rank Emblem
The Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) is the most senior cadet rank in an army cadet corps and is normally employed as the Regimental Sergeant Major. This is a very important position at all army cadet corps. The RSM has the main parade position and will normally possess the National Star Certification.

Rampant Lion Emblem, 8 x 10 cm
dress-up your jackets, coats and shirts with this high quality bullion Emblems

Rampant Lion Emblem,
Golden or Silver colors bullion wires, you can sew them onto your shirts or jackets arms and pockets

Arm Emblem / insignia
Hand Embroidered with Bullion wires

Eagle Emblems
in Two sizes, Hand Embroidered with Bullion wires

Master Warrant Officer Rank Emblem
A Master Warrant Officer (MWO) is normally employed as a Company Sergeant Major (CSM) and will supervise two platoons of 30 cadets each. This position may be called something different depending on the regiment however the responsibilities are the same. They may also be employed as a Drill Sergeant Major or in a band as the Drum or Pipe Major. A Master Warrant Officer has normally completed their National Star Certification and could be used as an instructor for the junior cadets in the star program.

Warrant Officer / Colour Sergeant
A Warrant Officer (WO) is normally employed as a Platoon Warrant Officer in charge of 30 cadets, including other NCMs. A Warrant Officer may also be employed in the Flag/Colour Party or in the band as the Drum or Pipe Major. Warrant Officers will have completed the Gold Star training level and working towards their National Star Certification. In a guards regiment this rank is called Colour Sergeant.

Arm Insignia / Ranks
Hand Embroidered with Golden or Silver Bullion Wires on red, black or other colours background, send us your design

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